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With Christ the King, Whom Shall I Fear?



Formation is a matter of widening horizons! This is how I define my nine years of seminary formation. From a nave young college boy in the Divine Word Formation Center of Davao nine years ago, I have transformed into a willing Regent to Christ the King Mission Seminary last school year 2006-2007. “Coming home” to Christ the King filled me with thrill because I was excited to have my ministry here. Gosh, my memories as a college seminarian were still very vivid to me: running events in the hallway, dyads on the rooftop, car washing, using the fire alarm to wake up the sleeping seminarians, managing the mission store (would you believe I used to sell “balot” in the Juniors?), apostolates…and the list goes on.


Contrary to what other former Regents felt during their time, I set foot in Christ the King without any anxiety in my heart. In fact, when I was asked to choose between Divine Word Formation Center of Urdaneta and Christ the King, I immediately replied, “Christ the King!”


When I first entered the Dining Hall of the Fathers and Brothers for dinner, all eyes of the confreres were on me. They might have been surprised on my grand entrance. One priest asked me, “saan ka naasign?”


“Dito po.”  I said.


Wow! My elder confreres in the dining hall joyfully clapped their hands. It was a beautiful sight!  I felt like melting!


My Regency year was an experience of widening horizons. Regency, being a “formation in mission for mission” really brought to the test my level of human maturity, professional competence and committed faith. This “formation in mission for mission” led me into the actual realities of the SVD formation and school ministry: meeting with formators, sharing of experiences with elder confreres, ratio with seminarians, TV Masses, discussing school matters with the Faculty, preparing lessons for my P.E., Humanities, Church Doctrine and Catechetics classes, and also giving conferences.


Christ the King Mission Seminary was a very potent ground for me to really learn a little of every thing that a young missionary has to know. While it is first and foremost a seminary (formation apostolate), it also provided me an avenue to hone my craft in teaching (school apostolate). Not only that, it also gave me a little know-how on shrine management (very much similar to parish exposure). Added to these exposures is the fact that I was also involved in communications ministry of the Mission Communications Foundations Inc. (media apostolate). So, in Christ the King Mission Seminary, my perspective widened and I learned many, many things.


Being a neophyte, I learned so much from the expertise of the priests and lay people I was working with. At the same time, I was also critically guided in my own formation. I learned to function effectively in an SVD team ministry and also in an SVD community.  Furthermore, I was able to be of service to others while also maintaining schedule for personal recreation and looking after my own needs. Similarly, I also learned to strike a balance between the two communities I was in: the community of the seminarians and the community of the ordained members.


Interestingly, it also opened a new world for me: the world of my SVD confreres. My meal times and chats with them were sources of my own spiritual nourishment and inspiration. Their sacred stories, their sentiments in life, their interests, their strengths and their idiosyncrasies made me grow more in my commitment and loyalty to the SVD.


As I continue my studies here in Divine Word Seminary of Tagaytay, I would like to thank Fr. Glenn Paul Gomez, SVD and Fr. Pablito Tagura, SVD for believing in my capacity to lead and work effectively. I will never forget your kind guidance and loving assistance. Thank you also to Fr. Rod Dela Rosa, SVD, Fr. Redz Domino, SVD, Fr. Kit Ramirez, SVD, Fr. Yoyo Rebucias, SVD and Sister Tonette Morales, SspS for the very warm company. I felt that I was really accepted and loved. I will surely miss the company of Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD and the Mission Communications staff. You were great companions! To Fr. Arlo Yap, SVD and Fr. Gerry Orbos, SVD -- continue inspiring young SVDs like me. Thank you very much. My sincerest thanks also to the rest of the SVD priests and Brothers in Christ the King for the memorable table discussions and for the friendship. I will treasure them in my heart. To the co-missionaries, especially those in the kitchen and in the laundry, my sincerest salamat to all of you. To my dear seminarians, I had a wonderful time with you guys! You were the best seminarians for that year! See you online.


Lastly, thank you also for the many people who devotedly opened my website and religiously sent me mails and messages to inspire me in my ministry. Your simple deeds are never forgotten. To God be the glory! May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all.

"May the Holy Triune God live and reign in our hearts."